After a resilient first quarter, strong momentum for Lainière Santé™ in the current global health crisis

€157.5 million in first-quarter 2020 revenue, as the Group contains the impact on its business of the current health and economic crisis
Creation of the Lainière SantéTM offering, made up of diversified and innovative healthcare products

  • Revenue down by a slight 2.3% on the excellent level achieved in first-quarter 2019.
  • Consolidation and integration of D&P – the world leader in museum services – into Chargeurs Museum Solutions as from March 1.
  • Creation of the Lainière Santé™ offering, underpinned by Chargeurs’ DNA, business model and drawing on the strategy implemented by the Group over the past five years, particularly in relation to the Game Changer plan.
  • Worldwide reorganization of the Group’s manufacturing and logistics operations with a view to developing, and mass producing innovative products such as disposable and reusable protective face masks, surgical gowns, protective gloves, anti-bacterial protective films, fabrics that protect against electromagnetic waves and smart fabrics.
  • Deployment of a multi-channel sales model to serve major public and private organizations, key international accounts, small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals.
  • Financial guidances confirmed.

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Chargeurs combines and intensifies under the brand Lainière Santé™ its global offer of technologies and textile solutions dedicated to healthcare and personal protective equipment

Given the intensity of the demand for its technologies and solutions developed to answer the global sanitary crisis, Chargeurs, with an unprecedented mobilization, organizes and sustains for the future its offer under the brand Lainière Santé™ within Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

  • Development and mass production of innovative products: single and multiple use protection masks, scrubs, protective gloves, bactericidal protective films, barrier textile against electromagnetic waves, intelligent fabric, etc.
  • Global industrial and logistic reorganization, to develop technologies and production solutions for major public and private institutions, international major accounts, SMEs and individuals
  • Activation of technological and commercial synergies between the businesses of the Group, with a shared research platform between our branch Lainière de Picardie and Senfa Technologies
  • Conclusion of worldwide major product distribution partnerships with the biggest leaders in logistics operations
  • Launch by April, 9th of the retail website:
  • Investments in masks production lines in France, the United States, and the rest of the world, to secure the local supply
    of major accounts
  • Angela CHAN, Global President of Lainière Santé™
  • Denis NOHARET, President of Lainière Santé™ in Europe

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2020 04 08 – CHARGEURS -Lainière Sante – UK