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The Technologies division brings together two world leaders: Chargeurs Advanced Materials (formerly Chargeurs Protective Films), known under the Novacel brand, supplier of solutions for high-end materials, and Chargeurs PCC for technical textiles for the luxury and fashion industries. Both businesses draw on their long-standing industrial expertise to develop a wide range of technologies and innovative solutions for their customers.  

Both business lines are driven by a common vocation: to enhance the environmental performance of end products, while improving the daily lives of their consumers. To achieve this, they rely on robust production facilities and an agile, high-performance supply chain. The greening of our production facilities and product ranges is a key development priority to meet consumer expectations and strengthen their leadership. 

The Technologies division also includes Chargeurs Healthcare Solutions, a European leader in sanitary protection, which will be integrated into Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies in 2023 as a result of the standardization of the sanitary environment.

Chargeurs Advanced Materials

Chargeurs Advanced Materials is the world leader in surface solutions. Committed to a responsible approach to the use of the planet’s resources, it offers highly technical solutions for fragile surfaces during transformation phases (bending, stamping, profiling, etc.). Users of these solutions are manufacturers of surfaces or products whose appearance must be flawless in all circumstances: plastics, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-painted metals and PVC profiles. 

Chargeurs Advanced Materials offers the widest range of highly technical surface solutions on the market. It includes plastic and paper films, technical adhesives and applicator machines. Chargeurs Advanced Materials thus contributes directly to a significant reduction in its customers’ waste volumes. This expertise is the result of unique, proprietary combinations of polyethylene films and adhesives, whose assembly quality is decisive for the quality of the finished product. The adhesive is applied to the film in a very light, even coating process, which ensures the integrity of the material throughout the manufacturing process.

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Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies is the world leader in interlinings for the luxury and fashion industries, offering complete solutions to the world’s leading men’s and women’s ready-to-wear brands and garment manufacturers. This technical fabric, essential for giving garments structure and durability, is generally thermally bonded to the inside of the garment’s outer fabric. It is used in the manufacture of coats, jackets, shirts, sportswear, etc.

Reactivity to changes in the fashion market and the quality of logistics are key differentiating factors in this competitive market. To keep pace with the growing sophistication and technicality of garments, innovation plays a central role. Innovation laboratories are located in the world’s major fashion centers (New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris) to work as close as possible to customers.

In recent years, our research teams have developed innovative solutions in terms of anti-microbial, anti-abrasion, flame resistance, water resistance, elasticity and comfort technologies, covering a wide range of needs. The digitalization of fashion also creates numerous opportunities for brands and designers. Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies fosters digital innovation by offering designers worldwide digital content dedicated to 3D garment design through its virtual showroom.

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Chargeurs Healthcare Solutions

By leveraging Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies’ know-how and manufacturing facilities, Chargeurs Healthcare Solutions developed a full range of personal protective equipement and services at the start of the health crisis. After selling more than 320 million protective masks, Chargeurs established itself as a leading player in the secure supply of healthcare products. 

Based on high-performance manufacturing facilities, its unique range of products and services targets a diversified customer base, including public authorities and small and large businesses. 

Due to the standardization of the sanitary context, Chargeurs Healthcare Solutions will be integrated into Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies in 2023.