Technologies includes two world leaders, Chargeurs Advanced Materials (formerly Chargeurs Protective Films) for the protection of premium materials, and Chargeurs PCC for technical textiles used in luxury and fashion. The two businesses use their long-standing manufacturing expertise to develop a range of innovative technologies and solutions for their customers.

Both are driven by a shared purpose: leveling up the environmental performance of end products while improving the daily lives of their consumers. To achieve this, these business lines rely on a robust manufacturing base and an agile and efficient supply chain. The greening of manufacturing facilities and product range offerings is a priority development focus to meet consumer expectations and strengthen their leadership.

Chargeurs Advanced Materials

Chargeurs Advanced Materials is the world leader in surface protection. Committed to a responsible policy on the use of the planet’s resources, the business line offers very high-tech protection solutions for fragile surfaces in the transformation phases (bending, stamping, profiling, etc.), and for handling, transportation and fitting. These solutions are used by manufacturers of surfaces or products that must always look impeccable regardless of how they have been handled, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-coated metals, and PVC profiles.

Chargeurs Advanced Materials has the most extensive range of very high-tech protection solutions on the market. As such, CAM directly contributes to a significant reduction in its customers’ waste volumes. This expertise is the result of unique and proprietary combinations of polyethylene films and adhesives, the assembly quality of which is decisive for the quality of the finished product. The adhesive is deposited using a coating process in a very thin, even layer, ensuring that the film is absolutely flat and distortion free, so as not to damage the protected surface.

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies is the global leader in interlinings for the luxury and fashion industries, providing comprehensive solutions to best-selling menswear and womenswear brands and manufacturers. Vital to lending structure and durability to garments, interlinings are technical fabrics generally attached to interior layers of the external fabric of garments using thermobonding. Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies is involved in the production of coats, jackets, shirts and sports clothing, among other products.

Our Group’s responsiveness to shifts in fashion industry trends and the quality of our logistics functions are key differentiating factors in this competitive market. In response to the growing sophistication and increasingly technical content of clothing, innovation is a central focus. Innovation laboratories have been set up in the major global fashion hubs (New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris) to work as closely as possible with customers.

In the last few years, the research teams have developed innovative solutions in anti-microbial, anti-abrasive, flame-resistant, water-resistant, elasticity and comfort technologies, aimed at covering a wide range of needs. The digitalization of fashion also creates a series of opportunities for brands and designers. Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies fosters digital innovation by providing designers around the world with digital content for 3D clothing design thanks to its virtual showroom.