Chargeurs is an industrial champion in its four core businesses: temporary surface protection, interlining, technical textiles and premium-grade combed wool.

Chargeurs has been developing standards of excellence throughout the world in these cutting-edge, high-tech markets. While preserving the exceptional know-how of each business line, the Group is constantly developing ever more efficient products and services for its customers.

Drawing on a fabulous industrial heritage, Chargeurs is shaping the future by focusing on disruptive innovation and international expansion.

Chargers has dedicated itself to promoting global iconic champions.

Through its 4 business lines, Chargeurs provides unique customer experiences.

Invisible but nevertheless present everywhere, the products of the Chargeurs Group pervade our daily lives.

Whether by protecting what we value, shaping the silhouette of our clothing, providing softness to our wardrobe or offering iconic visual experiences, Chargeurs improves our daily lives.


All leading clothing brands worldwide contain some fabric manufactured by Chargeurs, which has designed their interfacing, the only technical garment fabric which gives clothing its shape, performance and silhouette. Interfacing makes the fabric more functional, and gives it antiperspirant, mosquito-repellent, super-resistant, or temperature regulating properties. Chargeurs’ Fashion Technologies solutions provide incredible clothing comfort.


As a world leader in high-end combed wool, Chargeurs Luxury Materials is a supplier to the growing luxury and sportswear markets. Owing to exceptional and unequally soft wool, clothing of outstanding quality can be manufactured that provide their wearers with a feeling of softness and extraordinary comfort. In addition to their touch and feel, Chargeurs Luxury Materials makes best use of the technical and unrecognized properties of wool, which make it possible to regulate temperature and absorb perspiration.


Chargeurs’ TechnicalSubstrates Division develops technical textiles that raise space to a level of poetry. TechnicalSubstrates’ functional textiles provide a unique visual and acoustic feeling of well-being. By developing technical solutions that attenuate and absorb noise, the division makes everyday spaces more comfortable. As a creator of visual and aesthetic experiences, with its cutting-edge printing technologies, the TechnicalSubstrates Division brings all five senses to play.
The focus of research is on innovation that will deliver an immersive experience.


As a leader in this cutting-edge market, Chargeurs’ Protective Film designs temporary surface protection that preserves the value of products. Smartphone screens, car windscreens, Hi-Fi equipment are examples of items protected by Chargeurs’ films, which guarantees that they will get into the hands of their owners in pristine condition.