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Chargeurs has developed several programs to welcome new recruits, support young talents, or help experienced managers deploy the Game Changer strategy in the field.

These “Young Talents” and “Executive Talents” programs allow to spread a demanding group culture by sharing with the beneficiaries of these programs about practical and operational issues.

An exclusive training program designed with the ESMT and the Hidden Champion Institute in Berlin accompanies each year the deployment of the Game Changer strategic plan to the TOP 100. Challenges are entrusted to these managers, as part of this program, allowing them to provide solutions on issues identified as stakes for the Group.

At the same time, Top Management receives dedicated training in the best institutions, including Harvard Business School.

The training effort was stepped up in 2018 for all Group employees. It directly reflects its will to support transformations at work through additional means given to employees.

Similarly, the ability to integrate new employees is key in a development phase that involves acquisitions. Chargeurs therefore pays a particular attention to the onboarding programs of people joining the Group, and commits to ensure that everyone receives an onboarding program that meets their needs. New employees are offered a presentation of the Group as a whole, including site visits for some, and follow targeted programs in their fields. The members of the governance are directly involved in these programs, as well as the managers of the projects in the acquisition phase who are also mobilized when integrating whole teams, thus ensuring the coherence of the messages and the transmission.

These programs also support the evolution of organizations within the Group, and the internationalization of its management.