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Towards a sustainable future

« We hear it from all sides: the world is changing, and so is the climate, and we need to adapt, improve and mitigate our impact on climate change.

Chargeurs, our Group, is also changing and anticipating change, we’re following the path on the never-ending road to continuous improvement, towards a controlled carbon trajectory and a resolutely responsible positioning.

Chargeurs is opening a new page in its history and preparing a sustainable future, with you.”

Joëlle Fabre-Hoffmeister, Group Secretary General

Our CSR strategy

The Group’s Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) strategy aims to achieve a positive transformation of its business model through the commitment of its 2,300 employees. In 2024, the Chargeurs Group will pursue its efforts in the following 4 priorities:


supporting them in their own development 


reducing our impact and promoting a circular economy

Products, solutions

pursuing a sustainable and innovative business model


building a sustainable world with our stakeholders

Our CSR compass

Occupational accident frequency rate in 2023
of revenue generated by sustainable products in 2023
7 %
CO2 emissions related to energy consumption in equivalent metric tonnes per million sq. meters of production (Mm2) compared with 2022
0 %
water consumption in m3 compared with 2022
0 %

Our actions

Chargeurs is a member of the United Nations’ (UN) Global Compact since 2017. The Group’s CSR approach recognizes the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning them with the ten fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Supporting our employees

🔹 Protecting the health and safety of our employees

🔹 Developing everyone's talents

🔹 Promoting diversity and inclusion

Preserving the environment

🔹 Mitigating climate change impact

🔹 Promoting circular economy

🔹 Protecting biodiversity

Products, solutions: pursuing a sustainable business model

🔹 Strengthening responsible innovation

🔹 Developing our sustainable offering

Engaging with our stakeholders

🔹 Acting ethically

🔹 Promoting sustainable procurement

🔹 Getting involved in communities