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Innovation is at the core of Chargeurs’ strategy. With its 16 Research & Development laboratories, the Group continuously innovates to keep abreast of the latest market developments; as a result, in 2017, in parallel with and consistent with the dissemination of the fundamentals of its CSR policy, the Group launched several new products in response to demand from customers, thereby swiftly transforming its business model.

These products reflect both the Group’s capacity for technical innovation and the efforts of its R & D teams, but also its ability to anticipate market trends and societal developments.

Today’s markets need to adjust to the digital era and meet the demand of new consumers who want to know the origin of the products they consume, so as to limit their impact on the environment.

Chargeurs, which until now had been pursuing B-to-B activities, is more than ever attentive to environment, customers and suppliers alike, to provide and deliver high-quality products that meet today’s highest standards


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Innovation, an integral element of Chargeurs in support of its quest for Excellence.