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The Group’s development requires that particular attention be given to the talent that makes up its workforce. The men and women who work in Chargeurs’ businesses are often passionate about their activities, and their engagement is invaluable in maintaining the quality of the products and services offered by the Group. “Passion” is one of the Group’s values, along with “Commitment”, “Daring” and “Reliability”. These values, supported by all, must be passed on from day one to new employees who join the Group.

To this end, Chargeurs has developed several programs to onboard new hires, support young talent and help experienced managers implement the Game Changer strategy in the field.

These “Young Talent” and “Executive Talent” programs help disseminate the high standards of our corporate culture by sharing concrete and operational issues with the beneficiaries of these programs.

Chargeurs chose to invest in its talent so as to give everyone the means to durably develop their skills within the Group. It is committed to providing its employees with all resources required to develop and entrusts its HR managers with a specific assignment in this area. Training efforts were stepped up in 2018 for all Group employees. This directly reflects the determination to support the ongoing transformation of the Group by earmarking additional resources for all associates.

Attract, Onboard and develop talent and skills.