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The company : Chargeurs

Since it was founded in 1872, the Chargeurs group, a world leader in all its core businesses, has been deploying a model characterized by its dynamism.

“Our model, based as it is on a long-term vision, enhances the legacy of our businesses and fosters creativity, innovation and excellence. That is the driving force behind the success of the Chargeurs Group and the guarantor of its future.“

Michaël Fribourg

The Chargeurs group brings together four exceptional business lines that manufacture high-quality products; it is the only player simultaneously present in various major niche markets. Today, it employs nearly 2,500 associates worldwide and, in 2022, posted sales of more than 746 million Euros on a full-year basis.

Adopting and promoting integrity and ethical behavior in everything we do and in our relations with all partners and stakeholders has always been one of the strong commitments made by the Chargeurs Group. Rules of conduct and principles of action have been defined to guide the behavior and outlook of all Group employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in terms of ethics, and environmental, social and societal responsibility. The Chargers Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of this system.

It’s unique business model relies on four pillars:

The excellence of its operational model.
A rigorous and cautious financial culture.
Niche products geared toward services.
A human capital and a committed management.

Chargeurs’s forward-looking industrial culture goes back to the roots of the Group.