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 The Luxury division combines the group’s BtoBtoC and BtoC activities, namely Chargeurs Museum Studio, Chargeurs Luxury Fibers, and Chargeurs Personal Goods, which are focused on developing new luxury categories that stand out from their competitors in terms of service, innovation and development, and which benefit from a worldwide presence. 

These businesses serve a variety of sectors—luxury, fashion, sportswear, cultural services, wellness etc.—that are based on robust megatrends and that are not particularly sensitive to the economic cycle and inflation. These businesses rely on the development of know-how in the areas of marketing strategy, the digitization of sales, the traceability of products and merchandising to increase their proximity to, and dialogue with, end consumers.

Chargeurs Luxury Fibers

Chargeurs Luxury Fibers supplies the finest, softest and most resistant merino wool fibers in the world. Its expertise lies in selecting the best raw wool from producers worldwide, acting as the only wool trader capable of offering wool from every producing region to its customer base, who rank among the world’s most prestigious brands.

The main finished product of CLF is “Wool Top” a long staple, worsted wool used to spin yarn for both the knitting and weaving industries. Wool Top is made from raw or greasy wool which is washed, carded and then combed. These processes are carried out in partner combing mills in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and China. It is then the turn of the marketing teams to deliver the right solution to each customer, whatever the location.

At the sheep farms, animal welfare and environmental standards are upheld. The traceability of wool is guaranteed by the Nativa™ label thanks to proprietary blockchain technology.

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Chargeurs Museum Studio

Chargeurs has established a studio of recognized companies in the cultural and visitor experience sectors, thereby providing customers – cultural institutions, international brands and other organizations – with the opportunity to expand their audience, extend their reach and increase the impact of their messages.

By mobilizing the excellence of its teams’ expertise across the entire value chain, the Museum Studio platform includes an extensive services portfolio – from project coordination, museum installations, design and the creation of immersive and technological experiences to the production of audiovisual content and the publication of art books. Its unique offering will be rounded out with further acquisitions, like that of the luxury publishing house Skira Editoriale.

Chargeurs Museum Studio is involved in all of the most iconic museum projects around the world, spanning the United States, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

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Chargeurs Personal Goods

Chargeurs Personal Goods is a business line dedicated to developing luxury personal goods and accessories brands. It comprises three unique brands : 

  • Fournival Altesse is a manufacturer of high-end hairbrushes established in 1875 in the Oise. Altesse Studio sells its products under its own brands and as white label products. It is perpetuating an ancestral craftsmanship tradition and is pursuing an upscaling strategy to establish itself as a leader in the haircare market.
  • Founded in 2008, The Cambridge Satchel Company is a renowned Made in UK affordable luxury brand that has built its reputation on the “Satchel” model, inspired by British schools. The brand is developing a multi-channel sales strategy, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.
  • Chargeurs also owns Swaine, a company that is not yet consolidated in 2023. Founded in England in 1750, Swaine is the world’s oldest leather goods brand. The company’s growth strategy is based primarily on modernizing its collections, developing a women’s line, going global and renewing the customer experience.

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