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Guaranteeing the safety of our employees

Employee safety in the workplace is one of the Group's top priorities.

The frequency rate of lost-time work accidents is a particularly closely monitored indicator, with monthly reporting for all production sites.

The results achieved in 2020 are the fruit of efforts carried out during the year, with, in particular, the introduction of enhanced protocols and action plans. Our performance drives our teams to strive to lower the accident frequency rate even more in 2021 and thereafter.

Instilling a culture of safety: the Global Safety Day

First held on November 13, 2017, the annual Safety Day highlights Chargeurs’ efforts to strengthen its risk prevention policy. The goal of this day, held once a year, is to raise awareness and to encourage all Group entities to review the mandatory notices displayed in their premises as well as their safety instructions, and also to update their staff training and promote a safety culture based on the Bradley Curve.

To reach its zero-accident goal, Chargeurs is committed to instilling a culture of safety at every production plant and will continue to hold Safety Day events to seize every opportunity to move forward in this area. Goal: boost awareness and get each and every employee involved in the continuous improvement process.

Lessons from the 2020 Safety Day : Senfa, setting the example

Last year, the Safety Day took place on October 6, 2020, with a focus on managing and preventing Covid-19-related risks.

Senfa teams took advantage of this event and this theme to boost employee efficiency. The goal was for each employee to adopt these themes at their own level.

A multidisciplinary team steering the project (QHSE, production, communication, HR, management) rallying all site departments.

The team devised multiple-choice questionnaires, one-on-one meetings, and even a treasure hunt for certain site-specific issues.

The participants had to find five words by asking questions related to the concept of safety. These key words represent the five values to share to tackle the health crisis:

  • Positiveness
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Engagement
  • Respect.

Each word is linked to examples of what had been done on site and what could still be improved.
The first letters of these values are used in the word PREPARE, sending the message: “We are prepared for the future.”

The organizing team succeeded with its mission: the sparked employee interest and everyone understood the issues related to Covid-19 safety and risk prevention, all in a fun atmosphere despite social distancing measures. Employees provided the teams with very positive feedback.