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Lainière Santé™: Our vision

Denis Noharet, President of Lainière Santé, has shared with us the inception and success of Lainière Santé. With its fast growth, Lainière Santé™ has thrown out the traditional entrepreneurship rulebook. In only a few days, Chargeurs was able to reorganize its core business activities to meet urgent health needs. This shift marks a new chapter in the Group’s history.

Denis Noharet, President of Lainière Santé

“In the thick of the Covid-19 crisis and under the leadership of Michaël Fribourg, the Chargeurs Fashion Technologies division’s R&D teams specialized in interlining started developing technical particle filtering textile composites. This solution effectively protects mask wearers from getting infected by the virus. Starting with tests at 60-65% filtration (particles larger than 3 µm), we achieved more than 99% filtration. (Tests conducted by the French defense procurement agency’s lab). Our network of manufacturers in Europe have used these fabrics to make masks, producing several million units.

Sourcing teams in Europe and Asia felt the same impetus and stepped up their efforts and commitment. In doing so, they selected, labeled and imported many millions of disposable masks (surgical and FFP2) for our public sector customers as well as large private corporations.

Responding to the global demand for high quality products for sustainable needs, the Group has set up automatic mask machines on-site in our Péronne manufacturing firm in Northern France, home of the historic Lainière de Picardie factory, and in the Sélestat municipality in Northeastern France, where Senfa is located. These production lines can manufacture several million surgical and FFP2 masks per year. Chargeurs will also implement the same production setup in the United States in order to expand its reach in the American market. We decided to set up capacities in Switzerland.

Our industry-wide success is what drives us. This is why our teams are currently working towards creating tailored offers for each segment of the market (B2C, the healthcare sector, the construction sector, sports organizations, etc.). Our offers include a wide range of products (masks, protective gowns, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) coupled with a complete range of premium services (traceability, stock categorization and management, and much more). For instance, Novacel has developed its Novacel Health product range, including hand sanitizer, antimicrobial film preventing infection from contact with surfaces; sanitary gates mean to disinfect visitors entering public spaces, and lastly, touchless hand sanitizer stations.

These initiatives, which the Group has rolled out seamlessly over the past few weeks, reflect our entrepreneurial DNA. Thanks to our investments and the efforts we’ve made to modernize our production lines, we now stand ready to face a potential second wave of the pandemic. Our partners and customers can count on us