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The way we make the difference

Maria Meco, Senior Director of Technical Design, client of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

“What I appreciate about Chargeurs PCC is that people are always available. I’ve had many times when I’ve needed something in a foreign country in the middle of a factory and we have an issue, and low and behold I call or email and within minutes or hours I have a resolution. Materials get moved from one factory to another or from one country to another. Chargeurs PCC is always helping to keep my deliveries on time and that something you don’t find anywhere else. What I love about working with the company is that at any moment I can call someone in the studio, I can be speaking to the team in New York or overseas, and I get what I need instantly. Especially with being in the tri-state area and leveraging the New York studio, getting swatches made up within a day or so has been critical to our business.”

Salem Benmamar, Purchasing Manager at Miralu, client of Novacel, a subsidiary of Chargeurs Protective Films:

“Novacel is a highly reliable supplier. The quality of its products is always consistent. They meet our requirements in terms of performance and product liability. The Novacel teams know precisely what we need. In addition to being highly skilled, they are always on call and deliver a highly satisfactory service.”

Michael J. Rowan, V.P. Operations at SAS Graphic Supply USA, client of Chargeurs Technical Substrates

“SAS Graphics, suppliers to the printing industry for 35+ years, continues to adapt and change to industry trends while remaining loyal and true to its valued suppliers. Choosing the right companies to partner with is vital to sustainable success. SAS has chosen to embrace Senfa’s Team Approach to impact the soft signage market. Together, our goals align, providing high end fabrics to quality printers. What makes Senfa a good partner? Uncompromised R&D, superior products and strong company values makes Senfa a good partner to SAS.  The ability to learn from experiences and communicate are integral components in any lasting relationship. We see Senfa as committed to these goals much like us.”