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The transparent mask revolution

Ultra-comfortable, ultra-filtered and entirely transparent: this is what Lainière SantéTM’s inclusive, premium-range mask promises.

The transparent and reusable masks feature a washable, anti-fog and anti-projection “window”, made with Lainière SantéTM technical composites. Their design is crafted by thermobonding interlining techniques, the first of its kind on the market.

Interlining is a technique that coats the fabric used for the mask’s hem, which is essential for both hold and structure. It is the only technical fabric used to make this mask. Thermobonding is generally used on the fabric between the mask’s lining and its exterior layer. A trailblazer in the textile industry, Chargeurs makes innovation the central focus of its growth strategy. The Group owes its reputation to its expertise in developing cutting-edge products. Whether it’s textured polyester, 40-gauge interlining fabrics ideally suited to the very light satin and voile garments that are currently on trend, or more recently, its eco-friendly Sustainable Fifty interlinings, all have been huge hits!

By applying thermobonding to the transparent part of the mask, Chargeurs’ inclusive masks are a step forward in ensuring both comfort and protection. They replace stitching at the connecting area between the transparent strip and the fabric, which makes the masks completely waterproof. Lightness and ease of use were a top priority for the Group’s designers.

The Lainière SantéTM inclusive masks make everyday living easier for people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, as well as for professionals whose work depends on clear verbal communication, such speech therapists and teachers. They are also for anyone who would like to clearly see facial expressions again, so as not to lose any of the subtleties or nuances of verbal communication. This Lainière SantéTM innovation reflects Chargeurs’ conviction to deliver a unique customer experience, as well as to improve consumers’ everyday lives by leveraging the Group’s industrial excellence.