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The new experiential luxury market for museums, developed by Chargeurs

Michaël Fribourg, Chairman and CEO of Chargeurs Group, lays out his vision on changes in the luxury industry, which have paved the way for a new niche segment: museum services, a new experiential luxury market.

“The global health crisis has made us question the status quo. We need tools to help us understand and grasp all of the changes taking place. Museums, as centers of knowledge, act as the guardians of collective memories that have faded with the acceleration of time. Their role is all the more important as we navigate the health and economic crisis. Museums drive social cohesion and progress. They unite us in times of difficulty, particularly in the context of a pandemic.

With this in mind, museums are diversifying their offers to adapt to new expectations in the communities they serve. We now find galleries and museums dedicated to science, health, history, the environment and many more topics. These spaces allow their audiences to contextualize the world. On top of this, they cater to new visitor needs by offering more intimate and dynamic experiences through increasingly immersive modern technologies. Chargeurs has successfully seized opportunities from changes in the market, becoming its global leader at the crossroads of the luxury and cultural sectors, tapping into the senses.

Fascinating events and exhibits in prestigious cultural institutions find themselves on the same level as luxury goods, as visitors aspire to be captivated. The complementary roles of Chargeurs Museum Solutions and its industrial divisions, Senfa—a subsidiary specializing in functionalizing technical textiles—and Chargeurs Creative Collection—the global standard-setter in museum services and visitor experience— deliver unique and immersive moments for consumers.

Our conviction is that culture never stops. In these difficult times, CMS has championed its winning spirit to provide creative solutions. On a daily basis, the museum experience—combining leisure, education, escapism and aesthetics—becomes the desired product that is perfected by CMS day after day.”

“Blink: The End is in Sight” was one of London’s most immersive exhibits of 2019, earning Met Studio an award!