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The expert view from Soon Yu, International Speaker and Award-winning Author of Iconic Advantage®

Soon Yu, world renowned author of the Iconic Advantage book, former director of innovation at VF Corporation, gives you his technical view on the key success factors of Chargeurs.

“The goal for any successful organization is to develop an authentic relationship with their customers.  This can only be done when the core values and mission align with the needs of those they serve.  Research conducted by CEB Inc. found that out of all the people who said they had a relationship with a brand, 64% claimed that “shared values” was the primary reason. And this tenet is clearly demonstrated by Chargeurs’ relationship with their customers.

Being “customer centric” is core to Chargeurs’ value system and is manifested in their mission of “No matter when, no matter where, no matter how.”  This isn’t just a set of hollow platitudes.  And since 1872, this has been a consistent way of life for the Chargeurs’ team.

No Matter Where

Chargeurs is a truly global company with offices, factories and distributions hubs dotted around the world.  This allows them to service over 90 countries across every major continent.

No Matter When

Having offices in multiple time zones means that they are always available.  Their responsiveness has allowed them to gain the trust of many brands and customers which has led to a strong reputation for personalized service and top-quality products.

No Matter How

Working with the world’s largest brands requires constant progress and innovation. Over the years, Chargeurs has been at the forefront for new industry standards and technical innovations, resulting in many patents and products.

Great brands are built on a foundation of core values that are brought to life through the consistent day-to-day actions of its team.  With over 150 years of consistency, expect Chargeurs to deliver this for the next 150 years and beyond.”