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In each of its divisions, Chargeurs has been forging partnerships that meet its standards of excellence and performance.

By creating genuine ecosystems, all of Chargeurs’ partners are enabling the Group to develop outstanding, innovative, reliable and specific state-of-the-art products and services, thereby enhancing the performance and success of their customers. Each partnership aims at strengthening clusters of expertise and providing common learning by drawing on the expertise and know-how of all parties. Chargeurs views its alliances as a long-term co-development process.

Chargeurs’ stringent requirements vis-à-vis its partners are also found at the level of CSR. All Group’s employees adhere to the company’s social, economic and environmental values and commitments.

Therefore, our Organica Precious Fiber label only cooperates with partners that comply with its protocol (which protects workers, animals and the environment); Chargeurs PCC and Chargeurs Protective Films work with their partners on the development of recycled and recyclable products; Chargeurs Technical Substrates teams up with players in its industry, to create 100% Green product ranges.

The Group aims to create iconic champions in its leading markets, built upon a model of trust and continuous innovation. Chargeurs wishes to be recognized as a key partner that helps customers achieve their long-term strategy.

Engaging with the best partners to invent tomorrow’s industry.