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With its two divisions, Senfa Technologies and Leach, Chargeurs Museum Solutions is developing technical textiles, creating visual solutions, and harmonizing spaces.

Senfa Technologies delivers solutions and services for the advertising, decoration, home improvement and building markets that are expanding apace. Technical textiles, coating and advanced printing are at the core of the division’s expertise.

Senfa Technologies, a leader in coating technologies, adapts this know-how to functionalize fabrics, and thus provides textiles which properties that make it possible to obscure the light or diffuse it uniformly, to improve acoustics and filter GSM or Wi-fi waves. It is thus possible to add these features together to create, for example, large advertising panels that make use of high-resolution fabrics endowed with diffusing, fireproof and printable properties. Senfa Technologies’ solutions improve comfort in all spaces, and become true vectors for well-being, respectful of the principles of sustainable development.

In 2018, the division acquired Leach, a designer of unique and innovative visual experiences.

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Innovative fabrics that deliver a new experience.