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Our commitment to people

Yves Wuyts, Sales Manager for the Benelux countries and UK at Novacel, a subsidiary of Chargeurs Protective Films

“Whether we are dealing with small or large accounts, we listen to our customers in support of their projects. Ongoing discussions with customers are a strength that enables us to design new innovations specifically tailored to their needs. The development of a low-noise range of products, in partnership with Rockwool, a major player in the composite board market, is proof of our close collaboration. One year of discussions have enabled us to develop this product dedicated to the protection of matt inside panels, representing a market of 1.5M square meter.

For 2020, we are assisting Deceunink, a market leader in window frames, in devising a global sourcing and brand standardization strategy for the European market. Next March, we will finalize a support offer intended for their Polish, German and French sites based on a product suited to their expectations. Several million square meter are on the line!”


Joel Lim, VP of Technical Services – Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

“I’ve been with Chargeurs PCC for over 22 years.  I have built partnerships with my colleagues and our clients. Each client is different and has specific needs and requirements. The challenge comes into play when I need to execute their vision by recommending appropriate products and solutions. Knowledge is not innate but acquired. Regular interaction with clients results into an exchange of ideas and information. Fashion is always changing. New fabrics are being developed with enhanced performance. To provide technical solutions and reinforce our collaboration with clients, we established our Innovation Lab in the heart of New York’s Fashion Avenue District. The Lab serves as a workshop and an incubator to experiment application of our products in conjunction with the client’s design and concepts. I encourage my clients to visit our Innovation Lab to create, test, and innovate.  The Chargeurs PCC Innovation Lab not only provides the ultimate customer experience, but it is the power to the future of our business.”


Thomas Dreyfus, US Sales Manager for Senfa, a subsidiary of Chargeurs Technical Substrates

“As Senfa’s sales manager, Europe’s leading woven digital printing media company, I was able in 2019 to participate in the development of the US business. By building up a collaboration based on a partnership model with our customers and regional distributors, Senfa has developed market-tailored products. One of our products, Sublimis, was even voted Product of the Year at the SGIA show in Las Vegas. This makes it possible to print using water-based inks, which are less polluting than UV-based ones.

In 2020, we will pursue our efforts and replicate these successes on the West Coast and in Canada, where we have strong ambitions and good growth prospects thanks to reliable partners that share Senfa’s ambitions and values.”