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Managing Talents Worldwide : our vision

Joëlle Fabre-Hoffmeister, Group General Secretary, expresses her vision of the management of talents within the Chargeurs Group, which aims at helping them beef up their skills in order to better meet all the stakeholders’ expectations.

Chargeurs’ development project is being hammered out with the assistance of all group’s employees worldwide. The Group’s business model has always favored a decentralized organization that draws on resources harnessed from its many different areas of activity. It is a demanding model that calls for broad delegation and a culture based on trust and control over the information reporting process.

To this end, Chargeurs is relying on its core values of reliability, commitment, passion and daring, which foster a culture of excellence in which everyone feels as a stakeholder in the successes achieved, wherever they may be. In recent years, we have sought to enhance the value of talent within the Group. We have strengthened internal communications and brought together the Group’s businesses at defining events that bring the different sectors closer together and help to synergize. We have also created a managerial program around our Game Changer strategic plan. The new acquisitions make these exchanges all the more essential.

Today, with more than 2,000 staff members, half of who work outside Europe, corporate culture must be further strengthened from the point of view of a mutual understanding of our diversities. The success of our project will largely depend on our ability to rally our teams around a shared ambition. This is both an exciting goal that involves walking a tightrope, and to which I attach particular importance, and which will guide our actions in the coming months.

To further explore this subject, I invite you to discover the work of the American anthropologist Edward T. Hall on intercultural communication: “The Dance of Life” invites everyone to ponder on the notions of group and individual, depending on the society to which he or she belongs. An inspiring book for a better understanding of staff working in companies and elsewhere, and a highly topical subject!