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The Wool

As the world’s leading supplier of the world’s most luxurious and resilient wools, Chargeurs Luxury Materials’ history is closely linked to that of wool. As the only merchant capable of offering customers wool from all origins thanks to its international footprint, Chargeurs Luxury Materials has had the capability to make the most of local heritage and know-how. Present in Tasmania, Patagonia and Uruguay, this business has remained family-based, with Chargeurs Luxury Materials maintaining long-standing relationships with farmers, wool buyers, cooperatives and “fat wool” warehouses in all wool-producing regions. This allows it to offer a unique selection of wool of outstanding quality.

While preserving this unique heritage, Chargeurs Luxury Materials is writing the history of precious fibers by innovating and modernizing them; In 2017, Chargeurs Luxury Materials launched its eco-responsible label for full traceability, Organica Precious Fiber, to certify fibers of excellence. The label is based on blockchain technology, and guarantees traceability of the wool and stringent controls throughout the value chain. Ever finer, ever softer, ever more durable, Chargeurs’ wool is exceptional.
Chargeurs Luxury Materials has launched its eco-responsible label of full traceability.

Outstanding wool at the forefront of traceability..