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Nativa Precious Fiber

Created in 2017, Nativa Precious Fiber is a label that guarantees the quality and traceability of wool fibers across the whole value chain, from the farm, where sheep are raised and sheared, to the garments manufactured by fashion brands. Nativa Precious Fiber provides a response to novel expectations of consumers who want to know where the products they consume are sourced from, so as to reduce their impact on the environment. Drawing on its label and its historical know-how, Nativa Precious Fiber is committed to providing authentic and exceptional quality fibers to all stakeholders in the value chain. Nativa Precious Fibers is based on 4 pillars:

1. Respect for animal welfare and proper ecological management of the land on which herds are raised

2. Social and environmental responsibility on the part of all stakeholders across the value chain.

3. Traceability and transparency.

4. Compliance with the ten principles governed by adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, aimed at building more stable and inclusive societies.

This label, established as part of an independent and audited accreditation program, is a validation of compliance with appropriate quality and ethical standards. Based on blockchain technology, it guarantees wool traceability and stringent controls throughout the value chain. Nativa Precious Fiber is today the most demanding and complete protocol in the world. It enables Chargeurs Luxury Materials to offer distinctive wool of absolute quality, integrated into a rigorous supply chain, closely associating all the players in the value chain, from the sheep to the shop. Synonymous with Luxury and eco-responsibility, Nativa Precious Fiber’s wool is a nonpareil product.N

From the Sheep to the Shop.