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Temporary Protection

Chargeurs Protective Films is the world leader in temporary surface protection.

Stainless steel, aluminum, pre-painted metals, PVC profiles as well as all delicate products whose appearance is essential are likely to use self-adhesive films developed by Chargeurs Protective Films.

Thanks to its expertise in all the technologies of this cutting-edge market, Chargeurs Protective Film offers a complete range of high-performance products.

The division is present on all five continents, which allows it to deliver tailor-made products and services to customers anywhere in the world.

With a perfect mastery of all the technologies employed in this cutting-edge market, Chargeurs Protective Films has made innovation one of its strategic priorities; in four Research & Development laboratories, experts are committed to the continuous improvement of the performance, durability, quality and recyclability of its products.

As sustainable development is an imperative for Chargeurs, the division is designing new Green products and delivers eco-responsible and high-performance solutions.

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