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Chargeurs Fashion Technologies is number one in interlining.

This highly technical thermobond fabric is inserted between fabric and lining, giving it its shape. Chargeurs Fashion Technologies products are developed thanks to the expertise of its engineers and textile experts. They have designed an ever thinner interlining, to fit the lightest fabrics such as lace or satin.

With a worldwide presence, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies created a close relationship with the major international brands. Its strategy, guided by innovation and eco-responsibility, enabled it to rapidly evolve its technology to adapt to the new fabrics chosen by major Luxury brands, given the frantic pace of fast-fashion.

This Business Unit is allocating 3% of its sales to innovation & research, and is co-developing, together with its customers, high-tech, environmentally friendly solutions. Sustainable development, which is at the heart of the Group’s strategy, informs most of its research and development efforts. Chargeurs Fashion Technologies only develops products that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of their environmental impact.

Outstanding service, exceptional quality, high-tech innovations and an harmonious and curved silhouette.