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Through its two divisions; Senfa Technologies and Leach, Chargeurs Technical Substrates is developing technical textiles and visual solutions, and dramatizing spaces.

In April 2018, Leach, the British leader in visual communication, joined the Chargeurs Group. A champion of visual communication solutions for retail, exhibitions and museums, Leach has unparalleled cross-functional expertise, acquired over 127 years of continuous innovation, and controls the entire creative process, combining consulting, historical research, art design, technical know-how and printing, production and installation. As the creative power behind Chargeurs Technical Substrates, and driven by customer satisfaction and innovation, Leach is recognized as a pioneer in the field of large-format visual communications. It delivers a comprehensive solution for showing off the customers’ universe to best effect through dynamic and captivating high-end props suited to all interiors.

It is thanks to this ability to continually innovate that the company won a Queen Award in 2008, rewarding more than a century of avant-gardism and innovation.

The division uses high-tech processes and cutting-edge technologies to promote sustainable development, which is one of its key priorities. The teams have developed eco-responsible products, such as a 100% Green light box, and continue to devise both qualitative and sustainable solutions.

By dint of innovation, and building on a long industrial history, Chargeurs Technical Substrates is strengthening its excellence model to serve its customers, poised as it is to become a key player in improving consumer experience.

Leach stands out for unparalleled reliability, enabling it to maintain long-term relationships with customers, particularly with high-prestige institutions, such as the National Army Museum, the United States Embassy in London, or the National Charter Monument in Bahrain, and with major clothing brands such as Gap or Topshop.

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Leach: the provider of iconic visual experiences