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Lainière Santé™ develops technical solutions for the health and personal protective equipment sectors. By leveraging the technical expertise of its Lainière de Picardie plant, which was first built on the outskirts of a village in northern France in 1903, and the technological and commercial synergies of its various divisions, the Group has developed this activity into one of its star businesses. 

In record time, the Group has developed a comprehensive offering of hydroalcoholic gels, personal protective textile solutions (face masks, surgical gowns and protective gloves), anti-bacterial protective films, fabrics that protect against electromagnetic waves, smart fabrics, sanitary gates and more.
The sales model for this new offering is also innovative as it is based on a multi-channel approach that targets B2B customers – major public and private organizations, key international accounts and small and medium-sized businesses – as well as the B2C market. Real-time digital inventory management, order shipment and customer services, and the major nationwide agreements that it has signed with all of France’s transport providers also allow Lainière Santé™ to cover a broad client base of private individuals. 

Underpinned by Chargeurs’ entrepreneurial DNA and its history of close to 150 years of adapting time and time again to new challenges, Lainière Santé™ opens a new chapter in Group’s business history. Requisitioned as a hospital during World War II, the factory is once again contributing to the common good. By reorganizing its manufacturing and logistics operations, the business unit is able to respond to the global health emergency thanks to an agile business model and the commitment of its talented people.



Through its innovations, Chargeurs is driving the transformation of its markets. The Group and its Lainière Santé™ unit have brought together their French, American and Asian research teams to design high tech and sustainable products. Its protective face masks, which use nanofiltration membrane technology and are treated with an antibacterial and water-repellent coating, are a pure concentrate of the Group’s innovative capabilities.

A line of category 1 and 2 protective face masks for the general public:
– UNS2 (non-medical use) – filtration efficiency: 3.0 microns > 70%/Antibacterial and water repellent coating
– UNS1 (non-medical use) – filtration efficiency: 3.0 microns > 90%/Antibacterial and water repellent coating  

A pharmaceutical line of protective face masks with high and very high filtration efficiency:
– Category 1 high filtration efficiency mask for non-medical use – 3.0 microns > 90%
– Category 1 very high filtration efficiency mask for non-medical use – 3.0 microns > 95%
– Category 1 extremely high filtration efficiency mask for non-medical use – 3.0 microns > 99%

The brand’s slogan, “Innovation keeping us safe” (L’innovation nous protège), is a perfect demonstration of its ambition:
to combine expertise and technological excellence to meet important public health needs.

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