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How we deal with our clients : our vision

Laurent Derolez, Managing Director of Chargeurs Protective Films

“In Chargeurs Protective Films, we consider each customer as a partner. Each customer has its own universe, with their own strategy, their own manufacturing assets, their own offers and their own customers. We care about them succeeding. Our priority is to listen to them. Then, our set of experts strive at making sure their production is perfect, reducing wastes and improving their quality, by providing them the right set of services and innovations.

Recently, sustainability appeared as a key component to our customers’ daily operations, aligning with our own strategy. Chargeurs Protective Films is fully committed to help them reduce their footprint through a complete set of offer: new performance with the Oxygen range and new services to help them recycle or reuse their wastes. Even more now, our customers are durable partners.”


Sampiero Lanfranchi, Directeur Général de Chargeurs Technical Substrates

“The new CTS strategy is fully focused on a better proximity with our markets and customers as well as on the quality of our services to always better meet their needs. Our R&D investments and the mastery of logistics chains enable us to position ourselves as a partner and advisor to the different stakeholders of the value chain.

We have perceived two main new trends. First, the ecological awareness of the value chain, which is looking for solutions that are increasingly respectful of the environment. CTS has always been on the forefront of CSR practices anticipating this market mutation. We have been able to surround ourselves with local suppliers to develop products coming from recycled materials that are themselves 100% recyclable. In the meantime, we promote upcycling and supply chain transparency through a traceability blockchain solution.

The second trend is centered on high-end customer experience. The creation of Chargeurs Creative Collection, a new network of experts in customized visual experiences, is a perfect response to this evolution. Through this unique structure in the world, we position ourselves as a partner and reference advisor to the world’s largest cultural institutions. We offer our expertise and operational capabilities to provide a complete range of services from project planning to the realization of innovative exhibitions and environments.”


Angela Chan, Managing Director of Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies

The Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies’ cultural pillar is customer obsession – “No Matter Where, No Matter When and No Matter How.” We breathe and practice our strategy daily to deliver total customer satisfaction experience.  Our sensibility of empathy and humility is how we relate to human interaction. We do not treat our customers as a sales transaction, but we genuinely care about achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction. At times our customer satisfaction is even more critical than our achievement of gross margin. Our iconic branding strategy has differentiated ourselves from our competition.  We have established ourselves at the forefront of the fashion stage as a star brand. We are a leader in our industry by providing our customers with sustainable and ethical sourcing, fashion forecasting, product innovations, and technological solutions.  We strive to reinforce the core of our culture and to deliver the utmost excellence.


Federico Paullier, Managing Director of Chargeurs Luxury Material

“At Chargeurs Luxury Materials our new business model is a game changer, as our clients are now also the final brands. We provide a solution of transparency and traceability to brand’s supply chains by offering Nativa branded wool and Blockchain Technology, certifying and assuring Animal Welfare, Corporate Social Responsibility, Land Management and Sustainability – at every stage. This is also a challenge as it means we need to provide an unparalleled service to our historical clients (spinners and weavers) more than ever: they become our partners in this new strategy. As we grow Nativa as an iconic brand, we will continue focusing on our customers, with integrity, reliability and trust.”