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How did Lainière Santé™ become the partner of choice through innovation?

“Impossible” isn’t part of the French vocabulary? The original expression, “le mot impossible n’est pas français”, attributed to France’s most renowned soldier, Napoleon Bonaparte, strikes a special chord at this moment in time. It is a firmly-rooted value in Chargeurs’ corporate culture: our ambition to push the boundaries of its businesses is the secret to the Group’s success. The creation of Lainière Santé™ is definitive proof of this. To understand the recipe of our success, we will provide you with the necessary ingredients: a dash of audacity, innovation, logistics expertise and dedication. All these qualities have helped Chargeurs to stand out from its competitors.


The recipe for our success story starts with a long-term strategy initially implemented in 2015, which strives to make the Group a world leader in niche markets. Consistent with its strategy, and while facing the widespread scale of the pandemic, the Group reoriented its manufacturing facility towards mass production of protective masks and hand sanitizer. Chargeurs’ agile model was fully operational from the very first hours of the pandemic. Leveraging advanced expertise in technical fabrics and materials chemistry, research labs came rescue for health authorities. In a bold move, the Group created Lainière Santé™ in no time. The brand shaped the core of Chargeurs’ health offer.


Lainière Santé’s offer harnesses innovation, our second key ingredient. Technology is the main growth driver for the Group, which relies on the excellence of its 16 research labs around the world. More specifically, protective masks that use nanomembrane filtration technologies with antibacterial and water-repellent treatment are a real innovation driver. These masks meet AFNOR (French association for standardization) specifications, and have been designed for the wearers’ comfort. In this respect, they are OEKO-TEX 1® certified, which guarantees total comfort when worn on the face.


A foolproof supply chain was vital to developing our Lainière Santé™ offer. We had to reshape all of our processes; from procurement to shipping, to ensure product delivery, business continuity and recovery. We have established partnerships with the largest logistics operators and honed agile production methods. These operating methods have allowed us to produce to match demand, and we pride ourselves on processing our orders in time.


The various ingredients in our recipe wouldn’t have reached their fullest potential without the unwavering commitment of our research team, our managers and their teams, and our sales staff. Our teams have worked day and night. The outcome: Lainière Santé has quickly become a key player in the health protection market.