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Environment and society

Environmental and societal issues shape the CSR policy of the Chargeurs Group. Far from seeing this a constraint, Chargeurs considers respect for the environment and society to be a real driver of competitiveness and a factor that determines opportunities for the Group. By respecting ethical rules, the Group positions itself as partner committed to civil society and respectful of human rights. By making its manufacturing products sustainable, responsible and high-performance, Chargeurs stands out in the leading markets in which it operates

In each of its niche businesses, the Group develops entirely Green product ranges, guaranteeing its customers environmentally friendly solutions for the men and women who manufacture and use them.
In accordance with its corporate culture, the whole company is committed to a global approach to sustainable development. Thus is why, in 2017, Chargeurs joined the United Nations Global Compact. Joining the United Nations Global Compact is both a demanding process and a responsibility. Chargeurs chose to make it a benchmark for all its employees. All units have translated the 7 pillars selected for the Group into commitments and converted them into 7 concrete action plans:

1. Governance

2. Human rights

3. Working conditions

4. Environment

5. Anti-Corruption

6. Customers

7. Territorial presence

This approach has spawned forty CSR action plans, combined with improvement targets over the next three years. These basic principles, adopted by the world’s most innovative companies in terms of sustainable development, guide the Group’s continuous improvement approach.

The solutions developed by Chargeurs represent concrete commitments to society and the environment.