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Chargeurs Living Solutions: CMS’ new offer adapted to the health crisis

Chargeurs Group works tirelessly to develop custom-made solutions that meet the needs of its customers and the general public. In light of the exceptional circumstances, CMS has elevated its expertise to roll out Chargeurs Living Solutions, delivering a suite of fully integrated solutions and services in a bid to kick-start business for cultural institutions as well as the hotel and retail sectors.

A new need for personal protective equipment has emerged from the global health crisis. This phenomenon affects all industries and sectors, which must adapt to this new unprecedented context. Companies must be able to ensure workplace safety for their employees. The same applies to retailers for their customers and employees, cultural institutions for the general public and hotels with for their clientele.


Bolstered by the expertise, innovation and creativity of its integrated CMS subsidiaries, Chargeurs Living Solutions deploys solutions that allow companies to safely serve employees, customers and/or visitors, all the while reinventing the living space experience. The business-adapted Living Solutions offer is twofold. On the one hand, it provides emergency solutions to adopt social distancing measures in stores. On the other, it proposes customized long-term solutions that reinvent the shopping experience in a safe and secure environment. These solutions involve production and purchasing services for custom supplies, customer experience mapping, procurement planning, project management and creative space design, not to mention the fit-out and installation of the new space.

With this new offer, Chargeurs safely delivers unrivaled custom-made solutions to ensure health and safety in all types of public spaces.