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Chargeurs creates the new world champion in museum services

Chargeurs Group announces the signing of an agreement for a major strategic acquisition in the museum services sector in the United States

The coming acquisition of the American leader, D&P Incorporated, will allow Chargeurs to position itself as the world leader in the high-growth market of integrated solutions and visitor experience services for museums around the world by bringing on board:
• America’s largest integrated solutions platform for museums, set to generate full-year revenues of more than $45 million in 2020, with an operating margin of more than 10%;
• A robust and innovative team, led by the Barnwell family, which will continue to manage the company’s day to day operations;
• The United States’ iconic player in industrial services for museums, with a unique portfolio of achievements and a signed order book worth approximately $50 million, over one year of revenue;
• Chargeurs Technical Substrates becomes Chargeurs Museum Solutions.

Chargeurs Museum Solutions now has the most worldwide comprehensive offer in museum installation services working with the major institutions, the curators, the world’s most renowned architects and designers and will represent more than €100 million in full-year revenue. It will exceed two years ahead its revenue target with an EBITDA in full-year of more than 14% and a recurring operating profit of more than 10%.

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