Our stakeholders best bear witness to our practices. Chargeurs is committed to changing its practices and policies over the long term by listening to them.

Comat, a customer « fond » of Novacel’s innovations
Novacel meets the three criteria I am looking for in a partner: price, quality, service. Trust in a supplier is a highly valuable business asset.
Arnaud Degremont,
Director of ComatMetal Industrie’s site, a divisionof the Comat group
About Low Noise Technology
The strength of a relationship
This long-term partnership is trust-based.
Bernard de Mulatier
CEO of Diatex
Developing links with partners respectful of sustainable development
Supporting the growth of our suppliers, securing our sources of supply
The Chargeurs group has enabled us to play in the big leagues and, in particular, to access the most pertinent markets for wool, whether in terms of supply, process or consumption.
Pedro Otegui
Director of the wool-combing plant at Lanas Trinidad
The Galeries Lafayette Group's ambition is to be a showcase for responsible fashion
The outcome is outstanding at all levels. It is remarkable and reflects a very high degree of mastery and monitoring of CSR issues
Thomas Millet
Head of the Sustainable Development Project for Galeries Lafayette Group
About assisting customers committed to sustainable development