Chargeurs Museum Solutions: Amazing stories

MET Studio wins The Drum Awards Design’s Experiential Design Award for its Blink exhibit, featuring the work of fashion photographer Nick Knight

The event was held to support the #TheEndIsInSight campaign, which aims to eradicate trachoma by 2025. The eye disease causes blindness in nearly 2 million people across the globe. The experience digitally tracked each time a visitor blinked in the space, eroding a series of contemporary photographs pixel by pixel, blink by blink, imitating the effects of trachoma. The photographs eventually devolved into thick lines and split shadows, representing reduced sight. The first-of-its-kind immersive experience raised awareness of the disease among those who visited it.

MET Studio received the Best Experiential Design 2020 award for their creativity, and were highly commended in the “Design for Good” category for the campaign.

D&P: from the Marshall Plan to a deal with Chargeurs, combining two distinct legacies

The history of D&P, the largest American integrated museum solutions platform, may take you by surprise. Let’s go back to 1940s America…

At the time, D&P was making a name for itself by presenting travelling exhibitions on the Marshall Plan to citizens throughout the United States. The Marshall Plan, initiated by President Harry Truman in 1947, outlined a program to help rebuild Europe following the devastation of World War II.

D&P built its business upon a powerful story. D&P’s singular heritage, allied with Chargeurs’ industrial track record, allows it to successfully influence markets beyond America, thanks to Chargeurs Museum Solutions’ global presence.

Chargeurs Living Solutions: CMS’ new offer adapted to the health crisis

Chargeurs Group works tirelessly to develop custom-made solutions that meet the needs of its customers and the general public. In light of the exceptional circumstances, CMS has elevated its expertise to roll out Chargeurs Living Solutions, delivering a suite of fully integrated solutions and services in a bid to kick-start business for cultural institutions as well as the hotel and retail sectors.

A new need for personal protective equipment has emerged from the global health crisis. This phenomenon affects all industries and sectors, which must adapt to this new unprecedented context. Companies must be able to ensure workplace safety for their employees. The same applies to retailers for their customers and employees, cultural institutions for the general public and hotels with for their clientele.


Bolstered by the expertise, innovation and creativity of its integrated CMS subsidiaries, Chargeurs Living Solutions deploys solutions that allow companies to safely serve employees, customers and/or visitors, all the while reinventing the living space experience. The business-adapted Living Solutions offer is twofold. On the one hand, it provides emergency solutions to adopt social distancing measures in stores. On the other, it proposes customized long-term solutions that reinvent the shopping experience in a safe and secure environment. These solutions involve production and purchasing services for custom supplies, customer experience mapping, procurement planning, project management and creative space design, not to mention the fit-out and installation of the new space.

With this new offer, Chargeurs safely delivers unrivaled custom-made solutions to ensure health and safety in all types of public spaces.

Chargeurs Creative Collection, a global, fully-integrated offer aimed at enhancing the museum experience

Thanks to its recent acquisitions, the Chargeurs Group has rolled out a unique global offer made up of independent subsidiaries and partners dedicated to museums, exhibitions and the brand environment: Chargeurs Creative Collection. The new business division actively operates throughout the value chain, allowing visitors to marvel at a bold museum exhibit or an impressive performance: 

Located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, D&P is the largest American integrated museum solutions platform. Areas of expertise include prefabrication consulting, project management, exhibit engineering/detailing, prototyping, installation, commissioning, and media and lighting systems, among others. The organization boasts a team of 100 professionals, with 15,000 m² (161,458.6 sq. ft.) of office and production space. D&P’s emblematic projects include work completed at the US presidential libraries (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, George W. Bush Presidential Center, Jimmy Carter Library and Museum) in addition to military museums (National Museum of the Marine Corps, National Museum of the United States Navy).

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Founded in 1910 in Amsterdam, Hypsos is an interior fit-out company that implements end-to-end fabrication solutions from design to brand experience for the corporate, cultural and retail sectors. Drawing on the expertise of its 150+ professionals, the global fabrication company creates world-class experiences for museums and visitors. Notable projects include the Mini-BMW brandstore installation in Amsterdam and the Urbanian Exhibition at the Shanghai World Expo.

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The London-based creative agency MET Studio designs and produces immersive exhibits and settings for leading brands and museums. The studio’s productions are at the cutting edge of the visitor experience. MET Studio operates in some 50 countries. Its iconic projects have been exhibited in the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan, the Dutch Maritime Museum, the Manchester United Museum in Macau and the Contemporary Art Museum in Jakarta.

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Design PM is a standout player headquartered in London that has spearheaded museum heritage projects for more than 30 years. The company bridges the management gap between design and construction in the specialist sector that encompasses museums, permanent exhibitions, visitor centers and expo pavilions. Through a continuous involvement in projects, from inception through to completion, Design PM builds a management framework within which the practical considerations of cost, quality and program are particularly optimized.

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In April 2018, Leach, the British leader in visual communication, joined the Chargeurs Group. The company boasts unparalleled expertise, starting in the 1950s with the first official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. These breathtaking images were used for the first ever stamps featuring her portrait. Capitalizing on nearly 130 years’ experience in artistic design, customized printing, production and installation, Leach is a trailblazer on the large-format visual communication market.

Leach provides comprehensive visual solutions through increasingly high-impact, large-format graphics displays and lightboxes.

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In celebration of Ireland’s horse racing industry and heritage, Hypsos created a new indoor attraction for the Irish National Stud & Gardens. The attraction centers around an immersive experience in which the visitor can feel what it’s like to compete in a Thoroughbred racing event.

The new experiential luxury market for museums, developed by Chargeurs

Michaël Fribourg, Chairman and CEO of Chargeurs Group, lays out his vision on changes in the luxury industry, which have paved the way for a new niche segment: museum services, a new experiential luxury market.

“The global health crisis has made us question the status quo. We need tools to help us understand and grasp all of the changes taking place. Museums, as centers of knowledge, act as the guardians of collective memories that have faded with the acceleration of time. Their role is all the more important as we navigate the health and economic crisis. Museums drive social cohesion and progress. They unite us in times of difficulty, particularly in the context of a pandemic.

With this in mind, museums are diversifying their offers to adapt to new expectations in the communities they serve. We now find galleries and museums dedicated to science, health, history, the environment and many more topics. These spaces allow their audiences to contextualize the world. On top of this, they cater to new visitor needs by offering more intimate and dynamic experiences through increasingly immersive modern technologies. Chargeurs has successfully seized opportunities from changes in the market, becoming its global leader at the crossroads of the luxury and cultural sectors, tapping into the senses.

Fascinating events and exhibits in prestigious cultural institutions find themselves on the same level as luxury goods, as visitors aspire to be captivated. The complementary roles of Chargeurs Museum Solutions and its industrial divisions, Senfa—a subsidiary specializing in functionalizing technical textiles—and Chargeurs Creative Collection—the global standard-setter in museum services and visitor experience— deliver unique and immersive moments for consumers.

Our conviction is that culture never stops. In these difficult times, CMS has championed its winning spirit to provide creative solutions. On a daily basis, the museum experience—combining leisure, education, escapism and aesthetics—becomes the desired product that is perfected by CMS day after day.”

“Blink: The End is in Sight” was one of London’s most immersive exhibits of 2019, earning Met Studio an award!

Chargeurs Museum Solutions overview

David H. Koch Hall of Fossils – Deep Time.

One of three large permanent exhibits in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (United States) entirely fabricated by D&P. Deep Time visitors explore Earth’s 3.7 billion-year history, discovering one of the most renowned fossil collections in the world.

Created in early 2020, CMS is positioned as the world leader in custom-made museum installation solutions. CMS is composed of an industrial division, Senfa, which specializes in functionalizing technical textiles, and Chargeurs Creative Collection, the global standard-setter in museum services.


CMS’ teams leverage their worldwide presence to meet the diverse needs of major public and private cultural institutions. Their expertise includes end-to-end project planning (including museum installation and design), as well as the creation of immersive and technological experiences with the accompanying audiovisual and editorial content. Together, CMS’ subsidiaries are involved in some of the most iconic museum projects around the world, spanning the United States, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.


With a total generated revenue of €38.2 million at end-September 2020, business grew by 54.7% compared with the same period last year, notably thanks to acquisitions made over the past 12 months. Demand for technical textiles was still hard hit by the sharp slowdown in the retail industry, coupled with the reduced number of conferences and professional trade shows. Conversely, museum markets, which represent CMS’ core business, maintained sound momentum. Chargeurs Creative Collection continued its successful bidding for new tenders for exhibit construction, and order book levels provide sound visibility on business to come.


In these turbulent times, museums are becoming privileged spaces centered around heritage, education, inspiration and dialogue. Chargeurs’ teams are mindful of this crucial aspect. As such, they are finding increasingly creative ways to safely serve their customers and the general public.