Chargeurs to mass-produce sanitizing gel and protective masks

Chargeurs, the world leader in several niche businesses, is mobilizing to respond to the health crisis.

Building on its leadership in chemicals and textiles, the Group will start as of Monday:
– production of hydro-alcoholic solutions for healthcare professionals and mission-critical sectors
– production and import of protective masks in industrial quantities

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Successful conclusion of the acquisition of the American D&P Incorporated

Chargeurs announces the successful closing, ahead of schedule, of the acquisition of the American leader D&P Incorporated within Chargeurs Museum Solutions, new world champion of museum services.

  • The acquisition of D&P fostersthe creation of a world champion of museum services, a new luxury market with high growth potential and value-added experience;
  • D&P, America’s largest integrated solutions platform for museums, set to generate full-year revenues of more than $45 million in 2020, with an operating margin of more than 10%.
  • The Barnwell family will continue to manage the company’s day to day operations with a robust and innovative team;
  • Chargeurs integrates a unique portfolio of achievements and a signed order book worth approximately $50 million, over one year of revenue;
  • As of today, regarding Covid-19, the Group observes a limited impact on its level of sales.

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