Managing Talents Worldwide : our vision

Joëlle Fabre-Hoffmeister, Group General Secretary, expresses her vision of the management of talents within the Chargeurs Group, which aims at helping them beef up their skills in order to better meet all the stakeholders’ expectations.

Chargeurs’ development project is being hammered out with the assistance of all group’s employees worldwide. The Group’s business model has always favored a decentralized organization that draws on resources harnessed from its many different areas of activity. It is a demanding model that calls for broad delegation and a culture based on trust and control over the information reporting process.

To this end, Chargeurs is relying on its core values of reliability, commitment, passion and daring, which foster a culture of excellence in which everyone feels as a stakeholder in the successes achieved, wherever they may be. In recent years, we have sought to enhance the value of talent within the Group. We have strengthened internal communications and brought together the Group’s businesses at defining events that bring the different sectors closer together and help to synergize. We have also created a managerial program around our Game Changer strategic plan. The new acquisitions make these exchanges all the more essential.

Today, with more than 2,000 staff members, half of who work outside Europe, corporate culture must be further strengthened from the point of view of a mutual understanding of our diversities. The success of our project will largely depend on our ability to rally our teams around a shared ambition. This is both an exciting goal that involves walking a tightrope, and to which I attach particular importance, and which will guide our actions in the coming months.

To further explore this subject, I invite you to discover the work of the American anthropologist Edward T. Hall on intercultural communication: “The Dance of Life” invites everyone to ponder on the notions of group and individual, depending on the society to which he or she belongs. An inspiring book for a better understanding of staff working in companies and elsewhere, and a highly topical subject!

Managing Talents Worldwide : the way we make the difference

This month, you’ll read about new testimonies from new talent who joined Chargeurs, convinced that opportunities are to be seized within the Group:

– Laetitia Azoulay, Deputy Human Resources Director
– Jérôme Angin, Group Financial Controller
– Julien Minot, Director of Financial Communication and Investor Relations

“After working with the group as headhunter beginning in 2017, I was fortunate to join in October 2019 the team of the General Secretariat under Joelle Fabre-Hoffmeister as Deputy HR Director. During these first two years, as a partner involved in talent search and acquisition, I was able to understand, showcase and promote Chargeurs’ DNA and vision to potential applicants, position myself as an ambassador for the Group’s values and highlight the importance of each individual’s talents and knowledge within each of our business lines. The energy and entrepreneurial values that are being conveyed within a solidly established, high-performance group have enabled me to envisage long-term collaboration, and this transition is a source of satisfaction day in and day out.”
Laetitia Azoulay, Deputy Human Resources Director

“After spending part of my career in the financial department of a major international group, I was fortunate in December 2019 to join Chargeurs’ teams as Group Financial Controller. I was attracted by the entrepreneurial project promoted by Chargeurs and the values of commitment, excellence and creativity that I experience every day in the Group. My role is consistent with the long-term performance objectives of the Chargeurs group, historically recognized for its strict financial culture. I am thrilled to participate in the transformation and growth of Chargeurs.”
Jérôme Angin, Group Financial Controller.

“After several years spent as Investor Relations Officer with two renowned listed French companies, I seized this new opportunity to join Chargeurs as Director of Investor Relations and Financial Communication. The idea of bringing the equity story to life and supporting the development, in the financial markets, of an international group that is aiming to double its revenue within the next few years is right up my alley. These prospects, which combine a rewarding experience with a personal challenge, fit in with my career plan and persuaded me to join Chargeurs.”
Julien Minot, Director of Financial Communication and Investor Relations

Managing Talents Worldwide : the expert point of view

Joanna Nowicki est Professeure des Universités en science de l’information et de la communication à l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise et collabore avec le Collège des ingénieurs dans le cadre d’un programme mis en place avec Sciences Po Paris. Her research topics include European thought, the other French-speaking world, cultural and political areas, cultural transfers, and political communication between East and West.

This month, Joanna Nowicki does us the honor of presenting how managing a diversity of talent has become one of the pillars of corporate strategy, and a topic to which Chargeurs attaches paramount importance.

“Cultural diversity in an organization is not only an additional opportunity but also an additional challenge. In order to meet this successfully, it is useful to first become aware of what the American anthropologist Edward Hall subsumed into one sentence: “The problem I have with the Other is my own.”

We are little aware of the extent to which our cultural mold can influence, condition or sometimes inform some of our behaviors, beliefs, values and convictions. Because they are shared by those around us and approved as rational, normal and adequate, we do not feel the need to call them into question. That is as long as we are not called upon to lead international teams or operate within them. Coming to terms with differences can be agreeable (novelty, exoticism and curiosity being the natural driving force behind open-mindedness), but whenever the issues of efficiency, team management or the exercising of responsibilities are no longer self-evident, the need to take account of cross-cultural communication becomes all the more imperative.

Once we realize that our culture can be analyzed using a grid constructed with the existing tools employed to parse cultural models, we are better equipped to describe, and then fathom the behaviors, beliefs and convictions of colleagues, partners or leaders coming from other walks of life. For everything can be explained, including prejudices, biases, stereotypes and incomprehensible knee-jerk reactions when this analytical work is performed with the expertise and contribution of shared experiences.

It is always better to anticipate the emergence of intercultural conflicts, which are much more difficult to deal with, by preparing participants to confront otherness, always a complex matter. One can, for example, use the inevitable surprises, miscommunication and misunderstandings to turn it into an opportunity to analyze the diversity of inputs, talents and visions in the service of joint action”.

Managing Talents Worldwide : our people engagement

Chargeurs attaches paramount importance to attracting the best talent and developing their skills. The Human Resources Directors for each of the business lines demonstrate their commitment to the Group:

  • Anne Loison, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Protective Films
  • Andrée Kretz, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Museum Solutions
  • Françoise Colombier, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies
  • Daniel Otegui, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Luxury Materials


Anne Loison, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Protective Films

“To remain competitive and on the cutting edge, Chargeurs Protective Films spies changes in the environment, involving employees in its dynamic, identifying, developing and cultivating the potential of every staff member, enabling them to evolve, develop their skills and enrich their knowledge, notably through an ambitious training plan and an excellence program for Young and Executive Talents… These are the drivers that we use to enable everyone to be all they can be. Because it is by cultivating support, recognition and fostering a sense of purpose at all levels of the organization that Chargeurs Protective Films will be able to attract new talent while retaining its own! Joining CPF means you can be sure of being given full attention as employees”.

Andrée Kretz, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Museum Solutions

“Chargeurs Museum Solutions is a clutch of industrial jewels specially focused on providing unparalleled customer experience, staffed with talented men and women driven by a passion for their job, and endowed with a unique rich history and diversity, singular creativity and vision. We are committed to showing that we trust them and to releasing their full potential and, beyond that, helping boost their collective intelligence and expertise.

My mission is to select the specific set of HR tools suited for each challenge and to utilize each at the right time. Chargeurs Museum Solutions is above all, a great human adventure in the service of major iconic projects where success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers!”.

Françoise Colombier, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies

“Considered a major asset, talents are the wealth of the company and their management is critical to securing the activity of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies.

Due to a development policy and ambitious training programs, our talents acquire theoretical or technical skills in positions where leadership is required. Talent development is the sound management of human capital and the response to employees’ expectations with regards to growth and fulfilment, thereby safeguarding knowledge and preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

All Chargeurs PCC’s talents are involved, all those who workday in, day out, to do an excellent job that contributes to the company’s productivity and competitiveness.”

Daniel Otegui, Vice President of Human Resources at Chargeurs Luxury Materials

“At CLM we are genuinely convinced that our most important asset is our people. And that conviction is reinforced with our philosophical north which is “the constant search for excellence”. And what is the pursuit of excellence in today’s world? It’s looking for solutions to new demands every day, anticipating new needs, waking up every day ready to face new challenges, learning, training and becoming alert against the risk of staying in the “comfort zone”. At CLM, we believe this is only possible if we favor transparency, trust, good communications and ultimately everything that reinforces “the sense of belonging.” That is the philosophical key that allows us to have a human group committed to the Company and happy to be part of its crew.”

Reading Suggestion: “Who Care wins” by David Jones

Paraphrasing the famous and equally true “who dares wins”, motto of the celebrated British SAS, David Jones explains how companies and the corporate world can, beyond the usual marketing pitch, promote individuals and good causes without sacrificing growth opportunities. The is a true leitmotiv for us.

Managing Talents Worldwide : JR & Redefining Fashion Technologies

An idea, it might be crazy!

One morning, the director of the Brooklyn Museum called Chargeurs’ Chairman and Chief of Executive Office, saying: “I have a quick question that is likely impossible but I just have to ask”. Indeed, the idea was unusual: to create a mural fresco by photographer JR, one of the most famous French artists, made from eco-responsible products, respecting the high definition of the original picture.

Chargeurs mobilized the knowhow of Senfa, its subsidiary based in Alsace in France specialized in functionalized textiles. Immediately, its team pay tribute to the French artist whose career has spanned 20 years. The fresco was designed based on the Domino product, a totally opaque material that can be printed on the textile side for visual communication purposes and is particularly well suited to black and white printing (hence the name “Domino”). This huge 16-metre high fresco is on view in the park that bears the same name as the product used by Senfa: Domino Park in Williamsburg, New York. Then, teams from Leach, the other subsidiary of the Group based in the UK, came to New York and set up the canvas in only 4 days.

This black and white mural is JR’s largest public project to date in this city. Overlooking the East River, it reproduces images of more than 1,000 of the city’s residents. From Paris to New York, Chargeurs employees are always available around the clock to support the inspiring projects of partners that shape the world.

Chargeurs PCC and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) marrying together for a wedding gown design challenge

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies announced the winners of the FIT Redefining Fashion Technologies Student Contest, a sustainable design competition that required students to create wedding gowns using Chargeurs sustainable interlinings. New York Fashion Week creator and FIT Foundation board member Fern Mallis, American Dream creative visionary and former Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing, Saks Fifth Avenue Manager of Designer Ready-to-Wear Madison Blank and Cosmopolitan publisher Nancy Berger served as judges for the contest, along with Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies Managing Director and President Angela Chan, who created the competition as part of Chargeurs’ ongoing commitment to education, achievement and sustainability in fashion.

“Educating and supporting the next generation of fashion industry leaders is core to Chargeurs’ mission,” said Angela Chan. “We are very proud to sponsor this contest and we congratulate the winners and all the competitors whose designs showcase the crucial role that sustainable interlinings play in the shape, structure and beauty of garments. My fellow judges and I were honored to participate and thrilled to see these students demonstrate such creativity, skill and achievement.”

Students participating in the contest were required to create a wearable bridal garment utilizing 95% interlining materials, fusibles and/or chest pieces as the chief fabrication of the design. Interlinings are usually hidden in clothing, but the FIT contest showcased them by requiring the student designers to create their gowns almost exclusively from the products. Chargeurs supplied all interlining materials, which included products from its recently launched Sustainable 50 collection. The wedding gown designs were judged on design and aesthetics, usage of interlinings, creativity, technicality, and fit.

FIT, a part of the State University of New York, has been a leader in career education in art, design, business, and technology for 75 years. Among notable alumni in fashion are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Reem Acra, Brian Atwood, Dennis Basso, Francisco Costa, Norma Kamali, Nanette Lepore, Bibhu Mohapatra, Ralph Rucci, John Bartlett, and Michelle Smith. Other prominent graduates include Leslie Blodgett, creator of bare Minerals; international restaurant designer Tony Chi; and Nina Garcia, editor in chief of Elle.